“The Trend Setter” a Fashion Label with family roots! An exclusive interview with Co-founder Farheen Sheikh

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-10 at 6.26.05 PM (1)Farheen Sheikh and her Sister in Law Afshan Jamil are the duo behind The Trend Setter

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The Makeup Artist I was born and raised in Dubai. I have lived all my life here and been fortunate enough to get some great opportunities to explore my passion. I have been fortunate to have immense support from my family and friends, after graduating in Arts I instantly started working in the makeup industry with some international brands, such as Guerlain, Philosophy, Bloom, Tony n Tina, Paul Neuhaus to name a few. Due to my passion for makeup, it lead me to pursue CIBTAC diploma programme in Theatrical Media makeup; this experience truly changed my perspective and I learnt amazing makeup techniques that allowed me to further flourish as a makeup Artist.

The Zest for Fashion After completing my CIBTAC Diploma; I got incredible exposure which allowed me to meet some legendary makeup artists and led me to work on many Fashion Shows and shoots. It was working at the fashion shows that I began developing an interest in the Fashion industry and was the initial push for me to dabble in a Fashion line under the label Reenz back in 2009, leading up to a very successful Solo Exhibition of my work in 2010. My line included the formals in chiffon and laces and casuals in lawn and cotton . Since, my first line itself I kept plus sizes in different styles which was highly appreciated and I continue that sensitive approach to fashion in Trendsetters too.

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Sisterly partnership Our partnership for The Trend Setter really came about coincidentally; one fine day while I was organizing for my own upcoming exhibition; my sister in law Afshan, came up to me for some guidance and wanted to brainstorm some ideas regarding her label the The Trend Setter. In no time we felt like a team and things started to shape up. Since then on we have taken up, exchanged and shared responsibilities in ways which we now love to look back at and are still enjoying it everyday. Last but not the least we can’t complete our team without having to mention our all rounder support system Salman Sheikh, my brother who has been the supportive Man behind our success.

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The Trend Setter is a one stop shop that cater to modern women who wear modesty as their fashion label. It’s Fashion forward with a modest twist, we aim to represent how modesty can be a style statement and how it could be paired with show-stopping grace and elegance. We promote a different kind of fashion and we love to support and give back to our society. Our target is not sales, our target is to reach out to people.

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Advice for newcomers I feel women today are stronger then men. They are blessed with an ability of multi tasking. We are more forgiving ourselves, kinder to our needs and goals. Unknowingly, women are the main Trend Setter at home, to their kids and their community, a working woman is an inspiration to her own family. The key is to focus on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance between profession and parenthood. Keep dreaming and take one small step each day towards your goal and passion. Pen down your goals and set a target to achieve them. Never try to be someone other than yourself and let it flow organically.

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