“Reflections” an Art Exhibition inspired by Surrealism


Reflections is a group Art Exhibition opening on 27th of February at Studio Seven Art Gallery in Dubai, UAE

“Reflections” aims to create a visual impact through art, as majority of the artists in this show are below the age of 15yrs old and the youngest being 5yrs old, this show is truly a compilation of their honest concerns and creative expressions; their Art Teacher Parul Parasramka passionately curated this exhibition in an effort to encourage and support the young talents of her class. The show opens on Thursday the 27th of February at 6:30pm and will run till 29th of February at Studio Seven Art Gallery in Dubai, UAE.


The exhibition will be graciously inaugurated by Lamya Tawfik a Dubai based Egyptian performing artist who is also a writer, translator, voice over artist, actress, and storyteller; she will be opening the students exhibition and sharing her personal experience about working in the creative industry; the opening night also includes a live Violin performance choreographed by Aanya Parasramka followed by poetry reading by artist and writer Samrin Zehra.


“The zeal, enthusiasm and the talent of my students truly inspired me to curate this show. There are so many areas of concern that our future generations are endangered with; the current show will also now include a Bushfire series, which recently destroyed so much of the Australian landscape and wildlife. We as a team would like to bring awareness in the society hoping to make a change and work towards building a safer and more protected environment. I feel the visual impact created through art has immense potential to change the way we think and that’s what we aim to achieve through our show REFELCTIONS” says Parul Parasramka.


The visitors of “Reflections” can expect to see vision of the youth, depicting their biggest fears, concerns, passions and feelings, the predominant themes revolve around, Technology, Digitalization, Loss art of reading, Climate change, Animal Cruelty and personal fears, all of which they have poured on to a canvas to using colours and textures to communicate. Apart from the 50 artworks on display at the exhibition by the artists, there is a live installation called “Magnetized” which all of them are working on together to produce.

This exhibition is open to the public and is free to enter, starting from 27th of February till 29th of February, on Friday the gallery will be open from 2:00pm onwards till 7:00pm on the rest of the days, its opened from 10:00am till 7:00pm.

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