“View from my window” an online exhibition with a different view

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Farah Khan

An online photography exhibition launching on 27th of June 2020 on www.selfietv.co

UAE’s leading online channel Selfie TV and W2W events & PR have conceptualized an online photography exhibition “View from my window”.

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Birjees Hussein

The show includes images submitted from 66 photographers from around the world, the countries represented in the show include, Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan, Sudan, Singapore and UAE.

Rohika Kataky

The photographs are weaved together in a 4min: 30sec video format with original poetry by Zareen Khan added to make the experience more engaging for the viewers.

Time stood still

As our lives changed overnight

The days turned in to weeks and the weeks melted in to months

We waited patiently as time flew by

We kept looking out for a sign

And out of no where one day

We turned around to take a look inside

For once, we didn’t just look, we actually began to see

The view from our window had begun to change

With every sunrise and every sunset came a promise of hope

As the clouds dispersed

For the sun to shine through

We saw our city like never before

We witnessed the power of nature with so much awe

As we tended to our plants

Our souls began to heal

As we nourished our bodies

And indulged in play

We began learning new skills

As we stretched out the realm of our minds

For once, we had the gift of time

As the light we searched for, lit us from within

The darkness around us began to fade

Together we stood still but our world began to move

As the view from our windows began to change

We were still us but we no longer could remain the same


Shabana Skeikh 

“The concept of sharing views from people’s windows came amidst the global lockdown of many countries; where everyone was limited to the views from their windows and people found creative ways to find inspiration. We were pleasantly surprised to receive images from around the world and are so happy share them on our online channel for everyone to view!” says Sahar Mahmood – Founder of Selfie TV

Zainab Malubhai 

View from my window is possible because of the following photographers, who have generously shared their images; Dilnawaz Sheikh, Habib Ullah Qureshi, Mirza Waqas, Farhan Malvankar, Mahima Mehta, Dharmangi Bhatia, Cornell Thomas, Kittu Motwani, Mackline Martin, Feroz Khan, Sana Shamshad, Ammara Rafat, Varsha Sureka, Farah Khan, Renuka Menon, Noor Al Ain, Birjees Sarwat Hussein, Rashida Raj, Sandhya Rajan, Anand Kumar, Rohika Kataky, Zainab Malubhai, Mariam Shamshad, Sonia Jhaveri, Zoonie Dar, Ahmed Mughal, Dima Malakeh, Jyoti Kalsi, Navita G. Hakim, Pratibha Jain Mathur, Junaid Dar, Humza Aslam, Mahwash Rehman, Vanessa Ferns, Nayma Yasir, Javeria Jamal, Aryaan Baig, Havra Hajoori, Supriya Singh Baghel, Amarjit Singh, Bhvika Makwana, Chitranng Chauhan, Faizaan Saeed, Jehan Ali, Shreya Doshi, Mary Paulose, Zayed Beig, Shereen Khan, Devika Menon, Anupa Thomas, Sanyukta Krishna, Dr. Preet Shah, Farheen Sheikh, Veena Bala, Anandu V R, Nithya Purushothaman, Nisha Purushothaman, Ashar Hussain, Chris Calumberan, Jolly George, Kalyan Chakravarthy, Madhura Rajendra, Karuthedath Govindan and Shabana Sheikh.

Zayed Beig

The Video will be posted on Saturday 27th of June on www.selfietv.co and on youtube channel: @selfie Tv