“Women of resilience” a celebration of women artisans of Pakistan

Photographer: Mobeen Ansari

 SheWorks and The Embassy of France join hands to acknowledge women artisans from South of Punjab

As part of this year’s international woman’s day celebrations, SheWorks and the Embassy of France join hands to pay a tribute to women artisans with “Women of Resilience”, an online campaign conceptualized to shed light on the artisans behind the art of embroidery. The campaign will begin from the 1st of March until the 15th of March on all SheWorks social media platforms, comprising of stories and visuals by the award winning photographer Mobeen Ansari.

Photographer: Mobeen Ansari

The founder of SheWorks – Samina Mahmud, is the brainchild behind this campaign. Her organization, has been rooted, since long, in a mission to improve livelihood opportunities for skilled rural artisan communities, whilst creating high quality products for the luxury market.

“It was important for us to share the stories behind the textiles. These beautifully handmade crafts are products of skilled and hardworking artisans. There is immense economic potential in the creative manufacturing sector for skilled artisans and we aim to guide and to create opportunities for designer and artisan collaborations, offering sustainable income and financial independence to empower women in rural areas of Pakistan” explains Samina Mahmud, Founder of SheWorks

Photographer: Mobeen Ansari

Mr. Marc Baréty, Ambassador of France to Pakistan adds, “Socio-Economic empowerment of women is at the core of France’s international strategy on gender equality. In Pakistan, rural women artisans are custodians of a rich and diverse cultural heritage, particularly in textile. By providing livelihoods to their communities and preserving this heritage, they are an essential driver for sustainable development.”

This campaign is supported by embassy of France and by creative professionals from across the globe with the common objective to highlight and acknowledge the stories of artisans from South of Punjab. The regions covered include the Cholistan desert and Jaan Muhammad, Dera Bakha and Wazir Wali villages.

“Women of resilience” will run from the 1st until the 15th of March 2021 on SheWorks.

About SheWorks:

A platform connecting business to textile artisanal communities

Artisanal activities generate income, create jobs, foster economic communities, sustain ancient techniques, and preserve culture and meaning that is an essential component of healthy and sustainable development.
SheWorks strives to launch a campaign and a set of related activities to build awareness and broaden support of the artisan sector (assess need, audience, potential partners, conduct research to make economic case, develop communication messages)

We work with business, supporting product development and design, implementing the production through the artisans collaborating with SheWorks

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Official Photographer: Mobeen Ansari

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