Zoui Sar Expedition team prepare to attempt the summit in May

Qudrat Ali and Namal Sididiqui gear up to ascent the un-summited Zoui Sar located on the Malangudi glacier, Pakistan

The Zoui Sar expedition team includes, Qudrat Ali (Climb Leader) and Namal Siddiqui (Expedition Member); have just returned after a 10-day attempt to summit Zoui Sar. Unfortunately, since this was their first attempt, there were a lot of unknown variables that kept them from successfully making the ascent; one major factor was the harsh weather conditions and the terrain itself was challenging, consisting mostly of jagged and craggy rock formation, along with loose stones and during this season there was fresh soft snow, taking all this in to account and accessing the safety of the team, it became too risky for the team to keep going forward this winter and a unanimous decision was taken to extend the summit to May of this year.

Qudrat Ali during his recent expedition this March towards Zoui Sar

“Zoui Sar sits among magnificent mountains like Dastgir Sar (7885m), Malangudi Sar (7200m), Odver Sar or Whitehorn(6400m) in the West Bank of Malangudi glacier. Zoui Sar is not as high as the others, however it remains unclimbed due to its technical level of climbing. The terrain was unreliable with snow as there are loose rocks while it only allows for pure alpine style rock and ice climbing. It’s base camp is at 3,300 meters whereas summit around 6,100 meters so you can see that the climbing distance is about 2,900 meters and this distance is longer than the climbing it takes on an 8000 meter range. Due to unavoidable weather conditions and considering safety measures, we decided this time to end our winter expedition but this times effort has only made our next attempt easier, and we are hopeful to make it next time” explains Qudrat Ali

Namal Siddiqui photographed during her recent expedition to Zoui Sar

Namal Siddiqui adds, “This time the weather was not on our side, but we powered through to open the route up to camp 3 and we are proud of this, as this will make our task easier for the next time. We believe in exploring the unclimbed and untouched gives us an opportunity to present Pakistan’s hidden gems and create curiosity in adventure tourism while making sure the bearer of this message are both men and women in a safe and secure Pakistan.”

The Zoui Sar expedition team are now back in Islamabad and are training to go forward to climbing the un-summited Zoui Sar this May.

About the Team:

The lead climber on this expédition is the celebrated mountaineer Qudrat Ali, hailing from Shimshal Valley in Pakistan. Among the many mountains he has summited there are 4×8000m summits: (Broad Peak, G1, G2, Nanga Parbat) and 2 winters ascents of 6000m while also attempting a winter ascent of Broad Peak but had to abandon the climb 200m before the summit. Qudrat has walked barefoot from Gilgit to Shimshal to honor his ancestors who roamed the land barefoot, spending 14 hours outside in -25C using a sleeping bag only and sleeping in a crevasse. He also holds the world record of traversing three mountain ranges.

Namal is a Pakistani, born and raised in the UAE. She recently gave up her corporate life of 14 years to exclusively pursue her love of mountaineering by moving her base to Islamabad, Pakistan. She has summited 2 of the 7 highest summits of the continents: Mount Elbrus and Mount Kilimanjaro along with Mount Toubkal, highest in North Africa. Besides this she has attempted Mount Kazbegi. She has been on a winter survival training camp, ice climbing and rock climbing training to fine tune her technical skills.

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