“The Blue Butterfly”

A book of poems by Dubai based writer Uma Maheswary Manoj launching on 26th of August 2021

The Blue Butterfly

The book mainly surrounds the theme of letting go. It recognizes that moving on is not as easy as it seems. It takes a look at the weak moments, the fears, the reminiscing, and the realizations that you have to go through while trying to let go of a relationship. The Blue Butterfly signifies the part of us that holds on to the memories of our past. By the end of the book, we let go of that pain. In turn, inviting change within ourselves, just like a butterfly when it leaves its cocoon.

Uma the poetess

Passion for writing

I had an interest in writing ever since I was a child. I loved writing letters to my mom and friends. I ventured out into poetry at the age of twelve. I wrote my first poem on my way to school, on the bus. I can’t exactly remember what I had written, but it was something about the clouds. I gave it to one of my friends to read, and she thought it was beautiful. I remember feeling really proud and happy and, ever since, I have dreamt of being an author.

The pandemic

During the lockdown, life had taken a toll on me as it had on many others. I was going through some of the most painful moments in my life and, I had no idea how to relieve the emotions that came with it. So, I turned to the only means I knew, writing. When I had written a couple of poems surrounding a similar pain that had haunted me, I decided to compile them. It was therapeutic in a way. I felt like I was shouting out words and emotions that I had suppressed all my life. I hated keeping all these feelings inside and, I was tired of pretending to be brave because it was eating me away. I felt like no one understood what I felt until I started reading again. So, I decided to publish the book in hopes that someone that reads my book feels understood and heard.


My inspiration for writing is usually everything that surrounds me. The people, nature, my emotions, and my circumstances all play into what I write. Sometimes I also get inspired by the books I read or the stories I hear from others. My favorite poet is Edgar Allan Poe. I love his work. I have read Anabelle Lee many times and, it still shatters my heart. His poem, The Raven, has slightly inspired my poem Silhouettes and Shadows. I also adore Rupi Kaur. As a South Asian woman, I rarely see myself represented in this field. Rupi Kaur is one of the most celebrated poets in our time. She has inspired me to a great extent to be confident enough to write and publish my poetry.

Blue Butterfly

A while back
a young girl
stumbled upon a world twisted and gnarly

Her limbs shivered
as she searched around for an ounce of light between vines with blight

But the darkness feasted on brightness so, she tripped and fell a couple of times

And in her last fall
she refused to rise tears stung her cuts fire burned in her belly

Then out of the inky sky came an iridescent light
she squinted her eyes
she could not believe the sight

A blue butterfly floated her way and it spoke in a tone
that reverberated her soul
write this book it said

And out from the dead
the young woman gave life to words that did not necessarily rhyme

The Blue Butterfly is available on amazon.com from 26th of August onwards!