The incredible Neetu Bhatia and her journey as Dubai’s leading Makeup Artist

Neetu Bhatia

This interview is very close to my heart for many reasons, today I’d like to share how Neetu made my dream turn in to a reality. Our first meeting was back in 2009 when I was planning the very first Fashion For All ( A unique fashion show that highlighted women from all ages, ethnicities and sizes) our motto was beauty without boundaries. I was a 29yr old entrepreneur challenging beauty norms and Neetu was a bright and talented makeup artist. Over a cup of coffee we decided to join hands and change the fashion world in the UAE. Neetu worked backstage tirelessly with over 50 models and till date, it is our best FFA thanks to all the love and support!

The beginning

Beauty, Skincare and self grooming have been a been part of my youth. Right through my teen years and today I have always believed; to look good and stay ready, you never know when you will meet destiny. 

I used to sketch a lot and after getting my beauty diploma, makeup fascinated me on how it brought about so much confidence in a person.

Unforgettable moments

My first fashion show (Fashion For All) with Zareen Khan. She was super kind to take me on as a newbie and I never looked back because it gave me so much confidence to go on my own path.

Neetu at Fashion For All

My very first bride. She met me and hired me on the spot right after a meeting with me. There was no trial, it was a straight booking. I started my life long love for bridal makeup. The complete process of getting a brides ready is the most satisfying for me. 

My first Indian bride. Was super sweet & became a friend for life. After her, I have done makeup for every bride in that family.

My first destination bride. It was in Bali. I did makeup for her and two sisters and her mother. Gorgeous and kind family, we are still in touch. 

Such an amazing time I had, fell in love with Bali and since then Ive been there twice.

Another highlight was working with Emirates airline as one of their hair and makeup artists. I remember being so naive and didn’t know what to expect. This job elevated my own experience as a makeup artist and offered me so much knowledge on how to better represent myself. And boy! This was one was a hard job to do with long hours but so satisfying to see the results. I’m still in awe of the airline when I saw how much went into building their own brand image. I was later hired by the airline to work on their commercial that aired on all in-flights of Emirates Airline. This was another proud moment for me. It was a 22 hour job that I loved!

Another memorable project was doing makeup for Atif Aslam. His brother called me and asked me to do his makeup. For me, it was just another job and I went around 10pm after a long day of another job; to his hotel. I did his makeup and he was super generous to give me his concert tickets. Now this was over 10 years ago and I had not heard of him or his music and told him that directlyAfter that, I started listening to his music and now? I’m a HUGE FAN! One of my goals is to have him sing for me at a private event.

Another client that makes me smile is Divya Khosla, the Bollywood actress/producer. Such a humble person and so beautiful. 

Having said that, all clients have been amazing and am humbled with the trust they place in me and my art. 

You can follow Neetu’s work on instagram: @neetubhatiaartistry