Enviroserve celebrated International E-waste Day

Enviroserve supports Dubai Diamond Lions club’s e-waste awareness drive

Dubai’s first and only E-Waste Processing Facility Enviroserve celebrated International E-waste Day on October 14 by carrying out various activities to raise awareness on this occasion and by joining hands with Dubai Diamond Lions Club’s drive. The Club as part of their global cause Environmental awareness, has initiated the E-Waste Recycling Awareness Campaign. The Club will advocate the importance of e-waste recycling through the collection of e-waste from the public. The Campaign will run for 6 months with various activities planned in partnership with Enviroserve.

Talking on the occasion Lyes Yahiaoui, CEO- Enviroserve, said, “We are living in a consumer driven market, where we all want the new and the latest, therefore there is a fast-growing number of unwanted devices, these products then end up accumulated in the environment, polluting habitats and harming people and wildlife. Enviroserve has been at the forefront in creating awareness and educating the community on the importance of e-waste recycling. This year we have conducted various activities which include launching a video on e-waste on our social media channels, facilitation of unknown recyclers of Enviroserve, and supporting the Dubai Diamond Lions club in their e-waste awareness drive. With these activities, we are hoping to make a difference and promote healthy and sustainable living among the people of the UAE.”

Lion Augusto Di Pietro, International Representative & Coordinating Lion Officer Middle East added, “We live in a society of consumers and throwaway, where electronic gadgets are quickly discarded as newer and more attractive products come to the market. We as Lions, in partnership with Enviroserve, will advocate and bring awareness within our community that E-waste is the fastest growing waste in the world. If such waste is sent to landfills and not properly disposed of then we are potentially creating an environmental disaster. It is important that our community becomes aware of the existence of facilities like Enviroserve so that they can responsibly take their E-waste where it will be adequately recycled and disposed.”

According to the UN, in 2021 each person on the planet will produce on average 7.6 kg of e-waste, meaning that a massive 57.4 million tons will be generated worldwide. Only 17.4 percent of this electronic waste containing a mixture of harmful substances and precious materials will be recorded as being properly collected, treated, and recycled. Many initiatives are taken to tackle this growing concern, but none of them can be fully effective without the active role and correct education of consumers. This year’s International E-Waste Day focused on the crucial part each of us has in making circularity a reality for e-products. 

About Enviroserve:

Founded in Dubai in 2004 by Stuart Fleming and Brian Wilkie, Enviroserve is a pioneer in the electronic waste and refrigerant gas recycling industries in the Middle East and Africa. In 2018, Enviroserve opened The Recycling Hub – the region’s largest integrated electronic waste recycling facility featuring brand protection and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services.  Enviroserve is headquartered in Dubai with 8 branch offices in Angola, Georgia, Kenya, Lebanon, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.  https://enviroserve.org/

“My world, my home” an online art exhibition celebrating young minds 

46 young artists are participating at “my world, my home” an art exhibition going online on 23rd of October on Selfie TV

My world, my home is curated by Dubai based artist and educator Kim Oberoi. The show aims to offer a platform to young artists aged from 3yrs to 16 yrs of age an opportunity to exhibit their works to an international audience. There are 45 artists participating in this show and their works will be available from the 23rd of October on Selfie TV. The theme of the show urges young minds to define their own meaning of home. 

Kim Oberoi – Curator of the show explains “ The show aims to highlight the immense talent of young artists and how they view their current reality, with so much that’s changed in the past few years, I feel children need a platform to express themselves and therefore curating this show has been a very rewarding experience for me, I have gotten to learn and appreciate how young minds think. This process has encouraged the artists to think, create and share their thoughts on a canvas.

 “We are very happy to share the stunning creations on our platform, the artworks that have been coming in are extremely personal and express a beautiful narrative of what home means to these artists, the exhibition will be live on our channel from 23rd of October onwards ” adds Sahar Mahmud – Founder of Selfie TV

My world, my home, is an initiative of Kim Oberoi Studios in partnership with w2w Events & PR, Whiterose Creatives & Selfie TV, the show offers inspiration and an insight to the young creative minds that are the future generation of artisans and change makers of our world.

Exhibition: My world, my home

Date: 23rd October 2021

Channel: www.selfietv.co

Curator: Kim Oberoi (www.kimoberoi.com

46 Participating artists: Nathanael laurent Van Den Hende, Amira Alexi Velasco, Joshua Amani, Advay Rao, Maryam Abbasi, Filip Forgrave, Ariana Tavana, Josephine Michele Tausend, Myra Jain, Ameera Hamza Sheikh, Mayukha Chalasani, Iacopi (Joss) Thomas Aliberti, Ayaan Imran Manasawala, Lola Lotte Pannier, Zahabiya Kachwala, Miqdad Kachwala, Yasmina Abboud, Raazia Hasan, Zunairah Bhatty, Ammar Bhatty, Alisa Avrushchenko, Uliana Avrushchenko, Mustafa Abbasi, Khadijah Abbasi, Zidan Nasser, Tara Kaur Siali, Alice Cotte, Omaansh Mahindra, Charlotte Mariola Geierhos, Ibrahim Katanbaf, Sophia Kaur Dosanjh, Audrey, Emily Lucinda Wareing, Alexia Naessens, Amora Katkar, Layan Mahmoud Ammar, Joylyn Qiaoling Pan, Aleena Dhawan, Alina Wiedemeyer, Liya Amina Latif, Advay Kuber, Meher Lalvani, Aneeqa kalandoor, Egor Gorbachev, Ivana Kapil and Anvika Srivasta.

“7 Stages” an Art Exhibition symbolizing the journey of grief

To mark World Mental Health Day, the Chocoholics launches the first ever Art exhibition on grief at Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai on 10th October 2021

“7 Stages” an art exhibition is presented in collaboration with Le Meridien Hotel Dubai and the Chocoholics Grief Support Group, starting on the 10th of October 2021. The exhibition is inspired by Kubler-Ross theory of 7 stages of grief. Senior citizens and caregivers, based on their own personal account of losing a loved one, created the paintings on display. The 25 artworks displayed at the show are cathartic representations of their feelings of dealing with their grief; each artist’s process is unique to their own story.

“Acceptance” by fulltime caregiver Iris Joyce is dedicated to her grandparents

The Chocoholics Grief Support Group in the UAE conceptualized the show, in order to highlight mental health awareness and wellbeing. The group chose to open the exhibition on 10th of October, on World Mental Health Day. This aims to recognize the significance of mental health and also offers an opportunity for support and reassurance through art and creativity.

“Anger” by Terry Pickthall is dedicated to his late son

“The arts have been part of the Chocoholics Grief Support Group since it was launched in April this year reflecting the values of creativity, emotional connections and providing opportunities for inspiration.  By encouraging the group to paint, it’s hard not to notice positive improvements in their moods. The 7 Stages exhibition explores the connections between art and grief and how powerful imagery and creativity can help start a conversation about mental health.” – says Desiree Vlekken, Founder of 4get-me-not Alzheimer’s

“Reconciliation” by Odette Zuzarte; she lost her husband to Covid complications

Sheetal Durve, an artist and mentor working with Chocoholics adds, “I have been involved with Chocoholics for some time now and mentoring them express their feelings on canvas.  With grief as a central theme, it made perfect sense to demonstrate the changing of seasons to communicate the 7 stages. I lost my mother and sister within a span of 6 months in the same year. Painting helped me deal with this tragedy and over time I slowly recovered from the pain and brought a positive attitude in life. By helping others, I also help myself.”

The 7 Stages exhibition will be launched on 10th October, 4 pm and will be open to the public until the 17th of October at Le Meridian Hotel in Dubai.  Silent auction on the works will be held online at www.4get-me-not.org

4get-me-not, is a social enterprise raising awareness on Alzheimer’s disease and promoting quality of life for seniors and caregivers in the UAE since 2013. The Founder, Desiree Vlekken was inspired by her father who had Alzheimer’s and her mother, who was a full time caregiver.  Both her parents passed away early this year from complications of Alzheimer’s and Covid-19.

More About 4get-me-not:

4get-me-not, the only Social Enterprise in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East which focuses on seniors (60 years old and above) as part of its mission to address Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), was launched in 2013. It’s Founder – Desirée Vlekken, belongs to a community touched by AD where both her father and father-in-law drew inspiration to create a social platform for families and caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients.

4get-me-not creates a positive impact to the society, particularly the senior community by creating awareness on the importance of giving proper attention to their wellbeing and quality of life as one of the means to prevent AD. Positive lifestyle approaches are considered to help seniors cope with physical and cognitive changes.

AD is a growing global health issue that affects a large majority of the senior community with one person in every three seconds reported to have it. 4get-me-not has been working with various International organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) London office, Dementia Friends of Alzheimer’s Society UK and World Health Organization (WHO) through its Eastern Mediterranean Office, to build a vibrant community that addresses Alzheimer’s in a preventive, holistic and innovative way.


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