“Vintage Vloggers” – Senior Citizens curate the best restaurants & cafes in UAE

Team Vintage Vloggers comprises of two passionate senior foodies; 73 yr old Emirati Hafez Redha and 92 yr old Indian American  Narindra Singh Pujji

“Vintage Vloggers” is a unique initiative launched by Desirée Vlekken the founder of 4get-me-not, a social enterprise that focuses on seniors (60yrs+) as part of its mission to address Alzheimer’s disease.

The concept of “Vintage Vloggers” came about when Desirée found it difficult to find suitable restaurants and café’s serving senior citizens; as their requirements include accessibility, healthier food options and comfortable seating amongst other aspects; she was surprised to learn that there was no blog or reviewer in the region that catered to this segment.

Desirée Vlekken – founder of 4get-me-not says “This discussion begged the question, ‘where can senior friendly-meals be found anyway? 
Just over Thai lunch last week, I convinced two of our coolest seniors Mr. Puji and Mr. Hafez to be the 4get-me-not Vintage Vloggers! The challenge was for both seniors and myself to embark on a Food Road Trip in search of the senior friendly meal in the UAE.”

“One of our main missions at 4get-me not is to actively create a favourable environment for seniors to feel happy by preserving their memories and creating opportunities for meaningful engagement and by establishing a platform like “Vintage Vloggers” with Mr. Pujji and Mr. Hafez we come closer to our goal of integrating seniors in our community and protecting them from self isolation”, adds Desirée

Vintage Vloggers (VV) are set to review restaurants and cafes across the UAE, some of the points to keep in mind when inviting (VV) to review a place is, as a standard procedure there must be a lot of Tender Loving Care (TLC) for senior citizens because that is on top of the list. 
Attendants should be sufficiently trained and must possess valuable information when serving senior customers. It’s very helpful if the menu or their F & B recommendations highlight nutritional value, level of salt, sugar and spice, meal size and portions, etc. Food outlets should understand that seniors can be loyal customers too and will keep coming back when they genuinely feel valued as a consumer. Comfortable seating chairs with good back support is a plus. Senior discounts also would give the place a high rating on the Vlog.

The Vlog will appear on 4get-me-not Alzheimer’s Youtube channel:


About 4get-me-not:

4get-me-not, the only Social Enterprise in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East which focuses on seniors (60 years old and above) as part of its mission to address Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), was launched in 2013. It’s Founder – Desirée Vlekken, belongs to a community touched by AD where both her father and father-in-law drew inspiration to create a social platform for families and caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients.

4get-me-not creates a positive impact to the society, particularly the senior community by creating awareness on the importance of giving proper attention to their wellbeing and quality of life as one of the means to prevent AD. Positive lifestyle approaches are considered to help seniors cope with physical and cognitive changes.

AD is a growing global health issue that affects a large majority of the senior community with one person in every three seconds reported to have it. 4get-me-not has been working with various International organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) London office, Dementia Friends of Alzheimer’s Society UK and World Health Organization (WHO) through its Eastern Mediterranean Office, to build a vibrant community that addresses Alzheimer’s in a preventive, holistic and innovative way.


Let’s Organic Restaurant and Café opens in Dubai, UAE

Serving 100 % organic cuisine in the region, opens on 17th of September 2020 at Al Ferdous Complex in Jumeriah

Organic Farms & Let’s Organics introduces a 100% organic cuisine using the finest ingredients at “Let’s Organic Restaurant & Café” opening on Thursday 17th of September at Al Ferdous Complex in Jumeriah; the restaurant will be serving tantalizing Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with vegan and gluten free options.

Let’s Organic Restaurant & Café is the brainchild of Ahmed Mohammad Abdulla Alqaz Alfalasi Chairman of Organic Farms & Let’s Organic, his efforts began with the opening of the 5000 sq ft Let’s Organic Department Store in December 2019; he managed to make this a unique venture by connecting with over 50,000 marginal farmers directly and through partner organizations, farmers group, self-help groups and NGO’s internationally.

“During my life’s journey, I discovered the sheer joy of eating and living within an organic lifestyle. From the food on my table, to the products and detergents I used to clean my home and all aspects of my life, my family and I evolved a complete organic living. Let’s Organic goes far beyond than just a business for us, this is our commitment to touch each and everyone’s life in a positive way and a pledge to contribute to a healthier happy society” explains Ahmed Mohammad Abdulla Alqaz Alfalasi  – Chairman, Organic Farms & Let’s Organic

“We believe every food we bring and serve or sell is an investment on our customer’s health and body. We have handpicked some of the best ingredients, put them together and ensure a healthy dining experience to our customers”, said Mohamed Sohel Ellikka, Managing Director, Let’s Organic

Let’s Organic works closely with the UAE government and embraces ethical & sustainable practices whilst supporting local farmers and producers offering customers a wide variety of organic products from farm to home; in his continued determination to create an organic community in his home country, of UAE; Mr. Alfalasi is now set to launch the 100% “Let’s Organic Café & Restaurant” which will be headed by Chef Marco Pirola.

Official Website: https://letsorganic.com/

Let’s Organic Café & Restaurant Opening details:

Date: Thursday Sept 17, 2020

Time:  7:00pm Onwards

Location: Shop #10, Al Ferdous 3, Al Ferdous Complex, Al Safa 1, Jumeirah, Dubai.

To attend opening, please RSVP to zareen@w2wevents.com 

(Due to social distancing, we will be accommodating limited number of guests, please reserve yourself by emailing your name and media details. 

*We are also reserving one on one sessions post opening of the café for Journalists, you can request for that also and we will share the available time and dates)

For more press details please contact zareen@w2wevents.com / 052 7655525

Dubai based fashion designer Sandhya Rajan creates reusable masks   

Masks Sandhya

Sandhya Rajan offers a workshop on 5th of August on how to create recycle fabrics and create reusable facemasks at the Dubai International Art Centre

Dubai International Art Centre in collaboration with Dubai based Fashion Designer Sandhya Rajan will be hosting an exclusive workshop using recycled fabrics to create reusable masks. The class will be held on Wednesday 5th of August from 10:00am till 12:00pm; keeping social distancing measures in place the class will have limited seats available. To register for the workshop one can email info@artdubai.com or call +9714 344 4398.

For this workshop, everyone is requested to bring fabrics or clothes that they want to recycle. The idea is to relearn how to be more ethical through upcycling, repairing and recycling these in to fashionable facemasks that are eco friendly and reusable.


“My inspiration for creating masks has been for a less polluted mama earth; before I could think of teaching others to make masks, I learnt how to make masks and in March when wearing masks became our new normal; I feel that propelled me to upcycle older fabrics and create reusable masks” explains Sandhya Rajan

Sandhya Rajan 1

Sandhya Rajan is a dubai based designer, she started her career with Swarovski young designers for bride show in 2008; proceeding to establish her own brand SASH in 2010 which has always thrived to be ethical in all its creations; the brand constantly gave life to old clothes and discarded sarees; converting them in to beautiful dresses, blouses and their signature dhotis. This session is in collaboration with the Dubai International Art Centre and is open to all.

Sandhya Rajan in mask

Workshop details

Date: Wednesday 5th August 2020

Time: 10:00am till 12:00pm

Venue: Dubai International Art Centre

Price: AED 210 (inclusive of VAT)

Register: info@artdubai.com / +9714 344 4398

Workshop Poster

For more press information, please contact: Zareen Khan – W2W events & pr – Email: zareen@w2wevents.com  – 052 – 765 5525

Dubai based author – Pari Sagar’s book on Numerology: Self-discovery through numbers launched worldwide

Pari Pro Pic 2 (1)
Pari Sagar

My interest in numerology was sparked when I had my first consultation with a numerologist in 2013. He explained how each number carries its own frequency and vibration and how it affects ones character traits, aptitude, behavior, weaknesses and skills. This information fascinated me to dive into the study of this science and since then, I learnt both the disciplines of Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology. Numerology has changed my way of thinking as it has helped me discover my skills and evolve. This book is my way of sharing that knowledge with others, like musical notes, numbers are the vibration in the universe and have their own tones and frequencies. Each number has a specific value that has a cosmic vibration. explains Pari Sagar – numerologist and author of Numerology: Self-discovery Through Numbers”

Dubai based author Pari Sagar’s debut book Numerology: Self-discovery Through Numbers” provides insight on the basic science of numerology. The book is a compilation of 7 years of research on the subject of numbers. It aims to offer simplified meaning and understanding of numbers and their significance in one’s life.

Book Cover

The book introduces numerology as the science of numbers that can be used as a powerful tool to explore and discover ones own potential, offering its readers an opportunity to understand ones own personality, cultivate strengths and overcome weaknesses.

Numerology: Self-discovery Through Numbers” is available on Amazon (paper back, Kindle or e-book version), Barnes and Nobles and other resellers.

Physical book (Available everywhere): https://www.bookdepository.com/Numerology-Pari-Sagar/9781543758320?ref=grid-view&qid=1594625194259&sr=1-1

E-book: https://www.kobo.com/ww/en/ebook/numerology-21

India Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/Numerology-Self-discovery-Through-Pari-Sagar/dp/1543758320/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=pari+sagar&qid=1594625780&s=books&sr=1-1

US Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Numerology-Self-Discovery-Through-Pari-Sagar-ebook/dp/B08CN3XVSB/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=pari+sagar&qid=1594626140&sr=8-1

UK Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Numerology-Self-Discovery-Through-Pari-Sagar-ebook/dp/B08CN3XVSB/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=pari+sagar&qid=1594625987&sr=8-2


About the author:

Pari Sagar is a well known Indian artist and numerologist based in UAE. Her life experiences led her to express herself through art and her journey of self-healing began in the year 2000. She believes that true art is characterized by an irresistible urge towards creative freedom and self-expression.


For more details you can contact zareen@w2wevents.com / 052 7655525


‘View from my window’ is online on Selfie TV

‘View from my window’ an online photography exhibition, displaying the works of 66 photographers from around the world is now live on Selfie TV

We want to thank everyone who participated in this incredible initiative and became a part of our story telling. We also would like to express our gratitude to all the media houses and bloggers who shared our story and gave it a voice!

Thank you to our partners Selfie TV and Bhavika Makwana for their support.

“View from my window” an online exhibition with a different view

unnamed (4)
Farah Khan

An online photography exhibition launching on 27th of June 2020 on www.selfietv.co

UAE’s leading online channel Selfie TV and W2W events & PR have conceptualized an online photography exhibition “View from my window”.

20200522_113909_HDR (1)
Birjees Hussein

The show includes images submitted from 66 photographers from around the world, the countries represented in the show include, Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan, Sudan, Singapore and UAE.

Rohika Kataky

The photographs are weaved together in a 4min: 30sec video format with original poetry by Zareen Khan added to make the experience more engaging for the viewers.

Time stood still

As our lives changed overnight

The days turned in to weeks and the weeks melted in to months

We waited patiently as time flew by

We kept looking out for a sign

And out of no where one day

We turned around to take a look inside

For once, we didn’t just look, we actually began to see

The view from our window had begun to change

With every sunrise and every sunset came a promise of hope

As the clouds dispersed

For the sun to shine through

We saw our city like never before

We witnessed the power of nature with so much awe

As we tended to our plants

Our souls began to heal

As we nourished our bodies

And indulged in play

We began learning new skills

As we stretched out the realm of our minds

For once, we had the gift of time

As the light we searched for, lit us from within

The darkness around us began to fade

Together we stood still but our world began to move

As the view from our windows began to change

We were still us but we no longer could remain the same


Shabana Skeikh 

“The concept of sharing views from people’s windows came amidst the global lockdown of many countries; where everyone was limited to the views from their windows and people found creative ways to find inspiration. We were pleasantly surprised to receive images from around the world and are so happy share them on our online channel for everyone to view!” says Sahar Mahmood – Founder of Selfie TV

Zainab Malubhai 

View from my window is possible because of the following photographers, who have generously shared their images; Dilnawaz Sheikh, Habib Ullah Qureshi, Mirza Waqas, Farhan Malvankar, Mahima Mehta, Dharmangi Bhatia, Cornell Thomas, Kittu Motwani, Mackline Martin, Feroz Khan, Sana Shamshad, Ammara Rafat, Varsha Sureka, Farah Khan, Renuka Menon, Noor Al Ain, Birjees Sarwat Hussein, Rashida Raj, Sandhya Rajan, Anand Kumar, Rohika Kataky, Zainab Malubhai, Mariam Shamshad, Sonia Jhaveri, Zoonie Dar, Ahmed Mughal, Dima Malakeh, Jyoti Kalsi, Navita G. Hakim, Pratibha Jain Mathur, Junaid Dar, Humza Aslam, Mahwash Rehman, Vanessa Ferns, Nayma Yasir, Javeria Jamal, Aryaan Baig, Havra Hajoori, Supriya Singh Baghel, Amarjit Singh, Bhvika Makwana, Chitranng Chauhan, Faizaan Saeed, Jehan Ali, Shreya Doshi, Mary Paulose, Zayed Beig, Shereen Khan, Devika Menon, Anupa Thomas, Sanyukta Krishna, Dr. Preet Shah, Farheen Sheikh, Veena Bala, Anandu V R, Nithya Purushothaman, Nisha Purushothaman, Ashar Hussain, Chris Calumberan, Jolly George, Kalyan Chakravarthy, Madhura Rajendra, Karuthedath Govindan and Shabana Sheikh.

Zayed Beig

The Video will be posted on Saturday 27th of June on www.selfietv.co and on youtube channel: @selfie Tv



“Raffu” an unconventional Urdu play from Dubai!

Dhruti - Meraki
Dhruti Shah

 “Raffu – Aik Lamtnahi Dastan (Story of Infinity)” makes its debut at The Junction, Alserkal Avenue on Friday, 13 & Saturday 14 March 2020 – at 7:30 PM on 13 March, and two shows on 14 March at 3:30 PM and 7:30 PM

Raffu (Urdu for Darning) is an inventive piece of writing by Dubai-based photographer-writer Durdana Farid that attempts to explore delicate human emotions. This play, in essence, is a movement against indifference – the voice of buried emotions that never get to be heard. It follows a successful run of the UAE’s most acclaimed Urdu play “Mian, Biwi aur Wagah” that enthralled audience’s with 17 shows worldwide (Dubai, New Delhi, and Karachi), Dubai-based performing artist Dhruti Shah is set to entrance the city’s ardent theatre enthusiasts with yet another originally devised directorial Urdu-language theatre production, “Raffu – Aik Lamtnahi Dastan (Story of Infinity).”

Raffu 2

“We didn’t host conventional auditions, instead we sat and had a chat with the aspiring actors; for Raffu, our search was not for good actors, instead we were seeking out good people who shared our passion for storytelling. It took us months to find all our actors and to our surprise none of them but one were native Urdu speakers. However, all of them were perfect for the roles and hence began our journey of learning and unlearning; It was very rewarding as a writer to be able to guide the characters with the language, together we overcame the struggles of learning the correct pronunciations intact with learning the right emotions behind the lines, with each passing rehearsal, I could see the growth and bonding of the actors with their characters.” says Durdana Farid

Raffu 3

“Raffu is a culmination of two-years of inner exploration and reflection, purging, personal journeys, ancient indigenous practices of understanding human wounds and developing the faculty of compassion. With our deeply woven process of arts, we hope to touch hearts and souls, and believe that our efforts will be paid forward, in order for us to be able to reach out to as many people as we can. We are humbly requesting for all the support we can get to spread the word and for as many people to come and experience this soulful play from Dubai!”adds Dhruit Shah

Raffu 5

Raffu is made up of eight strong characters that harmoniously weave an authentic story.

CIPHER: Containing nothing, it encircles everything – without a beginning, without an end, it stretches from emptiness to infinity and back again – Played by Nabila Ouanes, she is from Algeria.

BILQUEES: Symbol of sensitivity – played by Farzana who is from South India and probably has worked the hardest to learn and deliver her lines in Urdu.

KIMAYA: Mythical bird – alter ego and healer to Bilquees, symbol of hope and light – played by Vrinda – has no lines. She is the movement of the play.

Storyteller / universe / raffugar – Played by Dhruti Shah.

JUGNU: Lightworker / miracle worker – also known as the tree of scars illuminating as fireflies – Played by Johan D’souza.

MADHO: The scarred fool. A victim of delirium and madness stirred by the human race. A voice of conscience and vulnerability – a sacred clown.  – Played by Karan Hanj.

DILAWAR: Magician – symbol of a perfect ill sion and shadows –Played by Yasir Akhlaq from Multan, and the only actor whose native language is Urdu with Mother tongue being Punjabi and Saraiki.

AMMA: Madho’s mother – symbol of past / childhood scars / stifled wounds – played by Falaq Tahir from Kashmir.

Raffu is jointly conceptualised and developed by Dhruti and Durdana, the play is a highly sensorial drama on the universal landscape of human emotions, and utilises an unconventional form of storytelling through theatre as a medium, inviting the audience to awaken their imagination while seamlessly move into the language of metaphors, mystery, and perhaps, the unknown. The play’s language is Urdu. However, it is a story of human emotions. The message of the play is an attempt to launch a movement against the indifferences ingrained into each and every one of us. The shows are on 13th & 14th of March at the Junction Dubai, tickets are priced at AED 100 and are available on BookMyShow: http://bit.do/bookmyshow-raffu

 Show Timings:

– Friday, 13 March – 7:30 PM

– Saturday, 14 March – 3:30 PM and 7:30 PM

Gates open on Friday at 6:45 PM

Gates open on Saturday at 2:45 PM and 6:45 PM respectively

Run Time: 110-minutes (includes a 10-minute interval)

Language: Urdu


About Raffu:

Raffu is an honest attempt to lay bare the sensitivity of complex emotions we are often indifferent to. Its characters contain a fierceness which compel the audience to experience an inner journey that is personal both to the observer and the observed. What is reflected in each character has been crafted to awaken, and continue to unravel, what is buried within. Raffu is inspired and devised on the foundational philosophy of the ancient Japanese art form of Kintsugi. When a ceramic object breaks, you don’t discard or disregard its brokeness — you fill its cracks with gold, to illuminate the uniqueness of its tarnished beauty. The play transcends labels of positives and negatives, and instead firmly dives into unalloyed feelings and experiences just as is, without altering its natural course.


At the heart of it, we have woven threads of pathos and feeling into each character, that I wish in good faith the audience experiences catharsis along with them; to unravel the wisdom and healing of many untouched stories within. As in Kintsugi, Raffu is a symbol of the strength and beauty that lies in deep human scars.


Note to Editors: An experiential and absorbing meditation on the universal landscape of human emotions, Raffu (Urdu for Darning) is a sensorial storytelling phenomenon directed by Dhruti Shah and written by Durdana Farid. This 110-minutes Urdu language performance piece invites the audience to awaken their imagination, and seamlessly move into the language of metaphors, mystery, and perhaps, the unknown.


Instagram page: @raffu.infinity

Facebook page: Facebook.com/raffu.infinity


For press and interview details, call zareen on +97152 7655525 / zareen@w2wevents.com

“Reflections” an Art Exhibition inspired by Surrealism


Reflections is a group Art Exhibition opening on 27th of February at Studio Seven Art Gallery in Dubai, UAE

“Reflections” aims to create a visual impact through art, as majority of the artists in this show are below the age of 15yrs old and the youngest being 5yrs old, this show is truly a compilation of their honest concerns and creative expressions; their Art Teacher Parul Parasramka passionately curated this exhibition in an effort to encourage and support the young talents of her class. The show opens on Thursday the 27th of February at 6:30pm and will run till 29th of February at Studio Seven Art Gallery in Dubai, UAE.


The exhibition will be graciously inaugurated by Lamya Tawfik a Dubai based Egyptian performing artist who is also a writer, translator, voice over artist, actress, and storyteller; she will be opening the students exhibition and sharing her personal experience about working in the creative industry; the opening night also includes a live Violin performance choreographed by Aanya Parasramka followed by poetry reading by artist and writer Samrin Zehra.


“The zeal, enthusiasm and the talent of my students truly inspired me to curate this show. There are so many areas of concern that our future generations are endangered with; the current show will also now include a Bushfire series, which recently destroyed so much of the Australian landscape and wildlife. We as a team would like to bring awareness in the society hoping to make a change and work towards building a safer and more protected environment. I feel the visual impact created through art has immense potential to change the way we think and that’s what we aim to achieve through our show REFELCTIONS” says Parul Parasramka.


The visitors of “Reflections” can expect to see vision of the youth, depicting their biggest fears, concerns, passions and feelings, the predominant themes revolve around, Technology, Digitalization, Loss art of reading, Climate change, Animal Cruelty and personal fears, all of which they have poured on to a canvas to using colours and textures to communicate. Apart from the 50 artworks on display at the exhibition by the artists, there is a live installation called “Magnetized” which all of them are working on together to produce.

This exhibition is open to the public and is free to enter, starting from 27th of February till 29th of February, on Friday the gallery will be open from 2:00pm onwards till 7:00pm on the rest of the days, its opened from 10:00am till 7:00pm.

For more press information, please contact: Zareen Khan – W2W events & pr – Email: zareen@w2wevents.com052 – 765 5525


“Lal Kabootar” marks a new age of Pakistani Cinema

Dubai Screening

Laal Kabootar” successfully screened for the first time in Dubai, followed by an interactive panel discussion on 29th of January 2020 at Novo Cinema, Ibn Battuta Mall

The Pakistani Action Crime Thriller Lal Kabootar was welcomed by roaring cheers and applause by the Dubai audience; this was the first screening of the Award winning film in the city; the screening included a live panel discussion with one of the young producers of the film, Kamil Chima and Mansha Pasha, the lead female of the film, the discussion was moderated by Shazia Ali Khan, the Director of “Pinky Memsaab”.

Kamil Chima and Mansha Pasha
Kamil Chima & Mansha Pasha 

“Its been such an amazing experience being here in Dubai, the city of Dubai plays a key role in the Film and was a perfect setting for us to tell our story, this city’s dynamic mix of cultures allows it to be a bridge to share & connect through films to a global audience!” says Co-Producer – Kamil Chima

“Being a part of a film like Lal Kabootar truly speaks volumes about the Pakistani Cinema, I think we are at the realm of change, this revival of cinema has offered us more access and freedom to explore versatile subjects and content, resulting in the making of high quality and content driven films like Lal Kabootar!” adds Lead Actress – Mansha Pasha

Ayesha Imtiaz, Kamil Chima, Mansha Pasha & Shazia Ali Khan

Lal Kabootar was bought to Dubai by Poetic Strokes, who continue to identify and promote talent, inviting artists, performers, musicians, poets, film makers from South Asia through stimulating events with the main objective of linking communities together through art, music, film, literature and more, contributing to the ever-evolving art scene in the UAE and wider Middle East.

Laal Kabootar has won the Best Feature Film Award at the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival 2019 and the Archana Soy Audience Award for ‘Best Feature Film’ at the Tasveer South Asian Film Festival 2019 in Seattle. It was screened, as an official selection, at the Washington DC South Asian Film Festival 2019, where Ahmed Ali Akbar, won the ‘Best Actor Male’ Award for his outstanding performance. The film has also been screened at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2020. The film has been produced by Harvard graduates, Hania Chima and Kamil Chima; written by Ali Abbas Naqvi and directed by Kamal Khan. Taha Malik is the music director while Danial Hyatt, provides the background score. The film also features Ahmed Ali Akbar, Mansha Pasha, Rashid Farooqui, Raza Gillani, Syed Mohammad Ahmed, Ali Kazmi to name a few. The film was released on 22 March 2019 in Pakistan and received critical acclaim from both the audience and critics alike.




“The Trend Setter” a Fashion Label with family roots! An exclusive interview with Co-founder Farheen Sheikh

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-10 at 6.26.05 PM (1)Farheen Sheikh and her Sister in Law Afshan Jamil are the duo behind The Trend Setter

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-18 at 7.59.04 PM

The Makeup Artist I was born and raised in Dubai. I have lived all my life here and been fortunate enough to get some great opportunities to explore my passion. I have been fortunate to have immense support from my family and friends, after graduating in Arts I instantly started working in the makeup industry with some international brands, such as Guerlain, Philosophy, Bloom, Tony n Tina, Paul Neuhaus to name a few. Due to my passion for makeup, it lead me to pursue CIBTAC diploma programme in Theatrical Media makeup; this experience truly changed my perspective and I learnt amazing makeup techniques that allowed me to further flourish as a makeup Artist.

The Zest for Fashion After completing my CIBTAC Diploma; I got incredible exposure which allowed me to meet some legendary makeup artists and led me to work on many Fashion Shows and shoots. It was working at the fashion shows that I began developing an interest in the Fashion industry and was the initial push for me to dabble in a Fashion line under the label Reenz back in 2009, leading up to a very successful Solo Exhibition of my work in 2010. My line included the formals in chiffon and laces and casuals in lawn and cotton . Since, my first line itself I kept plus sizes in different styles which was highly appreciated and I continue that sensitive approach to fashion in Trendsetters too.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-10 at 6.26.04 PM

Sisterly partnership Our partnership for The Trend Setter really came about coincidentally; one fine day while I was organizing for my own upcoming exhibition; my sister in law Afshan, came up to me for some guidance and wanted to brainstorm some ideas regarding her label the The Trend Setter. In no time we felt like a team and things started to shape up. Since then on we have taken up, exchanged and shared responsibilities in ways which we now love to look back at and are still enjoying it everyday. Last but not the least we can’t complete our team without having to mention our all rounder support system Salman Sheikh, my brother who has been the supportive Man behind our success.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-10 at 6.26.09 PM

The Trend Setter is a one stop shop that cater to modern women who wear modesty as their fashion label. It’s Fashion forward with a modest twist, we aim to represent how modesty can be a style statement and how it could be paired with show-stopping grace and elegance. We promote a different kind of fashion and we love to support and give back to our society. Our target is not sales, our target is to reach out to people.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-18 at 8.00.10 PM

Advice for newcomers I feel women today are stronger then men. They are blessed with an ability of multi tasking. We are more forgiving ourselves, kinder to our needs and goals. Unknowingly, women are the main Trend Setter at home, to their kids and their community, a working woman is an inspiration to her own family. The key is to focus on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance between profession and parenthood. Keep dreaming and take one small step each day towards your goal and passion. Pen down your goals and set a target to achieve them. Never try to be someone other than yourself and let it flow organically.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-10 at 6.26.08 PM (1) 

The Trend Setters Online


Insta handle: The_Trend.setter