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The Young & The Fearless


In a place like Dubai, its sometimes difficult to witness any young talent on stage or even on the Media front. When we launched w2w – which was now almost 6 years ago, we faced the same doubts when thinking of finding talent to perform at our events and we are so glad that we were proven wrong.

Dubai, not only has the most talented youngsters but also the most hardworking and dedicated kids, we are honored to know and have worked with some of these exceptional children. When deciding to write a Blog, w2w wanted to use this space to acknowledge achievements and inspirational stories.

On this space you are about to be introduced to some of the most talented children you will ever see, hear and if you are lucky enough, you will see them perform!

Bianca Pergher

Bianca Pergher at Fashion for All

I met young Bianca Pergher when she was around 10 years old, I was organizing a Fashion Show and needed a talented singer to come onboard as an entertaining aspect of the show, and so I sent out audition details online – I got a few applicants – amongst them, there was one by Teresa Pergher – who said that her 10 year old can really sing her heart out. I loved the way her email was written and got her to meet me at Lime Tree Cafe on Beach Road. I saw this wonderful young child walk in to the cafe and we spoke for a few minutes, before I said, “well lets hear it, why don’t you sing me a note!” without any hesitation, Bianca sang Halo from Beyonce Knowles – and everyone who were at the cafe that day, froze in their seats, Jaws dropping, some picked up their phones to capture the moment. Bianca not only sang the song well, she made it sound better than the original singer, Bianca continued to sing at our events and later she played the lead in one of our Theatre Production, “The Slumber Party Confessions”!

The Shining Stars

After meeting Bianca, we were sure there was talent in Dubai and we were keen to promote and offer opportunities to these young budding minds. So we held a talent show – called The Shining Stars – The auditions were held in Schools, malls and we would go wherever we heard there was talent, our w2w team driving around the UAE in search of little Stars!

Da Fashionista Girlz (Sheena Mae Ann S. Celis, Isabelle Francesca Cueva & Heart Ryan Evangelista)

Da Fashionista Girlz (Sheena Mae Ann S. Celis, Isabelle Francesca Cueva & Heart Ryan Evangelista)

We ended up meeting some incredible children, from the Dancing trio – Da Fashionista Girlz (Sheena Mae Ann S. Celis, Isabelle Francesca Cueva & Heart Ryan Evangelista), these Power Puff Girls train for hours on their choreography, each performance is different from the next and with each year their craft gets more fine tuned. When they are scheduled to perform, they show up to the venue even as early as 6am – to ensure perfection in their performance. They have won numerous talent show in the region and I know for a fact, they are destined for international stage.

Ian Tocle

Ian Tocle

Another incredible talent that we came across was Ian Cris  Tocle  – he is gifted with a beautiful voice, so much so, that when he sings you can’t help but start swinging to his beats. I first met him when auditioning at a Mall – mind you, the audibility at a mall is always bad, and your voice has to be exceptionally brilliant for you to get selected, and exceptional is what Ian is, this inspiring talent hailing from the Philippine can sing in Hindi as well as he can in English! How wonderfully does that represent Dubai? I love that, music doesn’t have a language and we can enjoy the rhythm that has no color or race. Since, working with Ian, he has also gone to winning numerous talent shows, Ian works as a model, singer, dancer, musician and he will soon be seen in sell out shows.

Yasmina Alidodova

Yasmina Alidodova

Now meet Yasmina Alidodova, she fits the phrase – “Beauty with Brains”! I met Yasmina when auditioning for our Talent show through a gentle and nurturing Music Teacher Richie and since our brief introduction, She has been either singing, dancing, or Modeling for our events – as most talented kids, she is a well rounded individual, with a maturity that is beyond her years – Yasmina will be someone very Famous – and if I were you – I would grab an Autograph right away.

 Swayam Bhatia

Swayam Bhatia

This piece of writing would be incomplete without mentioning my youngest model – who started working with us since she was 3 years old – Swayam Bhatia, (also known as my Bollywood Queen) I met her when she was still in her Pram –Her mother who was modeling for us, would bring her along to our training sessions & rehearsals. Everyone was attracted to the little doll who watched us with so much curiosity and interest that before I knew it, she was walking the ramp for our events, she is one of the most hard working child that I know, with Dance, Ballet, Drumming, Exercise and also Auditions – her day is full of activities. She has been on so many stages that I cant mention all on this one piece, she has the confidence that most adults would die for and the most important quality of Sway is that she is Fearless in pursuing her Dreams.

This piece of work is dedicated to all children who Dream with Eyes wide open. To end my little note, I’d like to express my gratitude to all the parents, who not only support their children’s talents but make sure that the world acknowledges these young Stars!

To see some of these wonderful kids perform visit us at Art Nation 2014:

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Written by : Zareen Khan