“Learning has no Age” is the powerful message behind Mahmood & Son’s latest commercial


Mahmood 500 Premium Basmati RICE 1121 is now available online www.mahmoodsons.com

Mahmood & Sons is now officially online and is championing the concept that “Learning has no age” with its brand new commercial for produced by Selfie TV team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bMF86YDyWw&t=11s

JO7A5416.JPGThe commercial revolves around two principle characters, a daughter and her mother. The Mother comes home from a tiresome grocery trip and the daughter suggests to try online shopping, to which the mother shows hesitation; which inspires the daughter to walk her Mother step by step guide to online shopping, explaining and encouraging her Mother with the confidence to try something new with the notion that “Learning has no age”.

IMG_5170.JPG“When we were brainstorming for the commercial, on the best way to announce that Mahmood 500 Premium Basmati Rice 1121 is available online; we didn’t want to challenge the conventional way of shopping instead we wanted to show an alternative and a more convenient way of shopping to the buyers, constantly keeping in mind that “Learning has no age” says Sahar Mahmud – Founder of Selfie TV.

JO7A5533.JPGAbout #Selfie TV: Established in 2014 with an aim to showcase live entertainment, News and Programming on Selfie TV’s web channel. The inspiration behind #Selfie TV is the now famous “Oscar Selfie”. The King of all #tweets.From celebrities to the girl next door, to the gym obsessed men, taking selfies has become a custom and we too are caught up  in the selfie phenomenon.

Website: http://mahmoodsons.com

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Web: http://www.selfietv.co// FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Selfie-Tv

Twitter: @SelfieTV/ Instagram: SelfieTV

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Be part of ‘The Journey’ at Abu Dhabi Art 2019

'Dream Twice' by 81 Designs x eL Seed

Aiming to preserve and modernize the time-honored Palestinian embroidery Tatreez, UAE social enterprise 81 Designs presents ‘The Journey,’ a collection of Tatreez artworks done in collaboration with French-Tunisian artist eL Seed. It features framed tapestries, figurines, and a book; and will be presented in a 3D booth (No. CP02) designed to reflect life in a refugee camp at Abu Dhabi Art. The fair is taking place from November 20th till the 23rd at Manarat Al Saadiyat.

eL Seed with the refugee women artisans employed by 81 Designs and their children painted seven murals to spread messages of hope inside Ain El-Hilweh camp in South Lebanon. Each mural was recreated in Tatreez on canvas hand-stitched by the artisans. Priced at USD 10,000 each.

The artisans also created figurines made in Tatreez that embody their hopes and dreams. Their creations are named after each woman and child that participated in the project. Prices start from USD 72.

'Life' by 81 Designs x eL Seed (1).jpg

Documenting behind-the-scenes of ‘The Journey’ is a book with a powerful photo selection that highlights the living condition of a displaced community.  Illustrating a bird’s eye view of the camp to its tiny details, and how the murals integrate in the landscape of the community, the book will give readers a more in-depth perspective on the lives of refugees. The special edition, priced at USD 115, features a cover with eL Seed’s artwork embroidered into the cover.  Regular soft-bound copies are priced at USD 80 each.

‘The Journey’ is a symbolic tribute to the Year of Tolerance.

Location: Booth CP02, Manarat Al Saadiyat

Date and Timings: 20 November: 6pm – 9pm | 21 – 23 November: 2pm – 9pm

Tickets: https://www.abudhabiart.ae/en/Artfair/tickets.aspx


BOX VOX – The Fine Art of Gifting launched in Dubai, UAE

BoxVox.jpgBox Vox has been officially launched by Dubai based siblings Komal Chhatwani & Yashraj Chhatwani with a mission of bringing gifting into the 21st century by creating stronger relationships through personal gifts. The sitewww.boxvoxme.com lets customers pick a thematic, expertly curated option or customize the perfect gift box for any occasion.

Komal C.jpg
Komal Chhatwani – Founder of Box Vox

“The reason why we started this was because we felt there was a need to create more wow worthy personalized gifts which was made just for YOU. This way we could avoid giving anyone unwanted gifts that accumulates and then later is re-gifted, with Box Vox the gift you receive is truly designed keeping the individual in mind; for instance, we are approached by anyone who wants to give a gift for any occasion, we try and understand the likes, dislikes, personality and behavior of the recipient and then we curate a giftwhich is specifically designed just for them with items that matches their personality and they don’t feel like oh its a standard gift which was picked off the shelf of a store. Each box that goes out has a beautifully designed handwritten card from the sender which is sealed packed in stunning envelop says Founder Komal Chhatwani

Yashraj C.JPG
Yashraj Chhatwani – Co-Founder of Box Vox

 “We believe in creating WOW-WORTHY gifts for everyone and for every occasion. People don’t have the time now a days to go out and buy gifts, so we give them perfectly curated gifts  which fits in their budget the very next day with just a click. We don’t just do individual gifts, we also specialize in corporate gifting, wedding favors and client appreciation gifts too” adds Co – Founder Yashraj Chhatwani

Box Vox is a boutique-gifting studio that specializes in curated and custom gift boxes that tell a story through carefully selected products and wrapping details. Packaged to perfection, and accompanied by a hand- written note, each and every box that leaves our studio is a gift to be remembered.

About the Founders of www.boxvoxme.com:

Komal Chhatwani is the brain behind the creation of Box Vox. Inspired by the curiosity of finding the missing element in the market – she started the idea after recognizing the need for highly curated gifting for weddings, corporate events, and other events to fulfill one’s special life occasions. Komal comes with a highly strong background in events & wedding planning industry with over 10+ years of experience in the region. Her strong creative and aesthetic vision for box vox ensures that we stay true to our customers’ needs and our belief in well-presented and purposeful gifting. She is the do it all girl with start to finish mindset approach to any task which makes her the perfect visionary member of the team.

Yashraj Chhatwani is the newest addition to Box Vox’s team as the Chief Strategic Officer. With strong Marketing & Strategy, corporate background in both retail & aviation – Yashraj adds his ever so problem-solving skills and quick & creative charm to the team. With several corporate retail brands under the belt, Yashraj knows how to turn around the business with current market trends with new & innovative ideas with high attention to details that go a long way. He is organized with an ability to manage projects in full autonomy, a globe trotter audacity and an entrepreneur approach make him the perfect addition to our team.

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“In Monochrome” a Solo Art Exhibition by Priyanka Vijayan


“In Monochrome, do We Find the Complexities of Life” is the theme of Priyanka’s Solo Exhibition opening on 4th of December at Studio Seven Art Gallery

“In Monochrome” a solo art exhibition by Priyanka Vijayan combines the strokes of white and black to form a full picture, creating hyper realistic pieces by utilizing the emotions and passions of each of these colors, weaving them together to create a fuller, complete piece of art. Exhibition is set to open on 4th of December from 7:00pm onwards and the works will be on display till 8th of December at Studio Seven Art Gallery in Dubai, UAE.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-17 at 7.47.42 PM.jpeg
Priyanka Vijayan

It is only by allowing vulnerability that art can truly come to life. While many of my works fill the viewer with awe and emotion by its beauty and lavishness, the works within this show does much more than that – it seeks to connect to the soul of the viewer, and forces them to stare back into what, at the end of the day, we all truly are – mixtures of darkness and light, in varying measure” say’s Priyanka Vijayan.

canva-photo-editor (4).png

Self-taught artist Priyanka Vijayan finds the beauty, the most real, and the starkest depictions of life within her work in monochrome. Visitors of the show can expect to see the richness stripped away into something more raw – something more real. Priyanka, successfully reinforces the theme by playing with darkness and light to a point where the artworks realistically starts to stare back at the viewer. The show opens from 4th till 8th of December 2019 at Studio Sever Art Gallery.


To rsvp: zareen@w2wevents.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/716721265497719/


“Nature Art Trails Institute” officially opens in Dubai, UAE

(L to R) Dr. Peter Hudson, Nisha P & Hermis Haridas at inauguration.jpg

 Nature Art Trails institute an initiative of Paws Trails will be providing training on photography and art

Nature Art Trails Institute opened its doors on Friday 8th of November at Time Square Mall in Dubai, UAE. The institute is founded by Award winning Wildlife photographers Hermis Haridas & Nisha Pururshothaman with a vision of brining people closer to nature using photography & art as the medium to spread awareness and education about conservation.

Dr. Peter Hudson.jpg

The institute was inaugurated by Dr. Peter Hudson, Willaman Professor of Biology in the Eberly College of Science and director of The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, started his career as a wildlife biologist. In recognition of his commitment to advancing public health to alleviate human suffering around the world, Dr. Hudson has been recognized by Kish Bank with the Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2018.

Exhibition at Opening.jpg

The opening also included a spectacular wildlife photography exhibition by renowned photographers and nature conservations including Salma Al Suwaidi, Hermis Haridas, Nisha Purushothaman, Suaad Alsuwaidi, Sami Alqaderi, Athira mohan krishnan , Peter Hudson, Nitin Michael, Shaji Mohammed, Manu Reghurajan, Preethi & Prashant Chacko.


Hermis Haridas – Co Founder of Nature Art Trails Institute says, After passionately pursuing wildlife photography for over 10 years, it dawned on us that we wanted to inspire and mentor people to understand the criticality of conservation. It’s important for us to share this knowledge and our insights that we have gained in our experience as wildlife photographers. We believe that people, especially the future generation, are going to be the advocates of nature and wildlife conservation. Hence with this thought in mind, the concept of ‘Weekend workshops’ began – our first practical and consistent photography workshop based in the UAE – with a promising outcome as the weeks progressed. This particular genre of academy is the first time in this region.”MRTY5089.jpg

Nisha Pururshothaman – Co Founder of Paws Trails Explorers adds, We want to do our part in building awareness on nature conservation. We believe that any form of art can create a positive change in an individual’s life. Hence by associating these positive features to the noble message of conservation, we can achieve the benefits of making people happier and healthier, while giving Mother Nature a fighting chance at survival.”

Opening of Nature Art Trails Institute.jpg

Nature Art Trails Institute is a first of its kind in Dubai, where trainees will get educated on how photography and art can be used to change an individual’s perspective to connect with nature; providing top-notch training by collaborating with well-known photographs and experts in their respective fields. Staying true its nature of mentoring young minds, the institute has officially announced Suaad Alsuwaidi, the notable Emirati female wildlife photographer as the Paws Trails Ambassador. The institute aims to conduct regular courses on wildlife & nature photography along with hosting monthly exhibitions to constantly offer opportunities to students to showcase and grow as Photographers & Artists. All the photography certifications at the institute are endorsed by National Geographic Abu Dhabi & Emirates Nature-WWF.


About the founders of Paws Trails Explorers & Nature Art Institute:

Paws Trails is a global platform for wildlife conservation, photography, art and travel, initiated by two wildlife photographers, Hermis Haridas and Nisha Purushothaman, in 2015. It is now a collective dream of a group of dedicated nature and wildlife enthusiasts – you could call it a unique initiative from the UAE to spread awareness on wildlife and conservation through art and photography. With the growing concerns the world is facing, this is an initiative to transform the youth population to connect with nature and our surrounding environment, to make our planet a better place to live in.

Paws Trails started with international wildlife photography workshops, and in the last four years, has expanded to four verticals: Education, Tours, Events, and Publishing. Having started with two individuals, we now have a team of approximately 200, including but not limited to photographers, conservationists, and scientists volunteering with us on our mission.
In 2018, Paws Trails organized an international wildlife festival in Dubai along with National Geographic Abu Dhabi and Emirates Nature-WWF, which was the first of its kind of event that the Middle East had seen. We have also organized 18 international wildlife photography exhibitions in UAE, and by October 2019, Paws Trails will have published its 19th edition of its online bi-monthly magazine, PT Explorers. Finally, within its 4 years of its commencement, Paws Trails has completed more than 50 international wildlife photography workshops in various parts of the world, with an increase in its popularity. Now is 2019 the founders of Paws Trails Explorers take a step further and founded “Nature Art Institute” to continue their mission to educate and conserve.

Web: www.pawstrails.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PTExplorers/

Instagram: PawsTrailsExplorers

For information about Paws Trails Explorers, please contact:

Email: pawsintouch@gmail.com
Mob: 055 521 5315


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ICONS at COYA an exhibition by Julian Castaldi


As the capital gears up for one of the biggest art months in the region, COYA Abu Dhabi launches a brand-new art exhibition to whet the appetites of art lovers in the city.

From November 19th 2019, British artist Julian Castaldi brings his unique exhibition, ICONS to the capital which uses dynamic imagery, an exuberant colour palette and a repetitive approach on legendry icons such as Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel, Elvis, Muhammad Ali, Robert De Niro to name but a few.

Julian’s paintings focus on people and objects popular in popular culture and use different techniques and materials, such as gold-leaf, acrylic, enamel, plaster and graffiti. The result puts these iconic and instantly recognisable figures amongst strong patterns and bold, contrasting colours in a way you haven’t seen before.

Currently based in Dubai, Julian also has spent over 20 years working and touring with some of the world’s biggest acts, creating art, design and photographing personalities and celebrities including John Malkovich, David Bailey, Stereophonics, Natalie Imbruglia, Oasis, Eddie Vedder, Paul Weller, Incubus and Tom Jones.

He has also captured the capitals biggest events through his photography, including the Red Bull Air Race and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


Known globally, Julian has exhibited artworks in Los Angeles, UK, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Paris with artworks and photography in many private collections and residencies around the world.

Guests are invited to view ICONS when it opens on 19th November 2019, with over 10 pieces including Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel displayed across COYA Abu Dhabi Restaurant and Pisco Bar and Lounge, so they can experience the art whether dining on the delicious Peruvian cuisine or enjoying the speciality drinks at the bar.

LINK TO PAST EXHIBITIONS : https://www.castaldiart.com/castaldi-bio

LINKS TO SOCIAL MEDIA : https://www.castaldiart.com https://www.facebook.com/castaldifineart https://www.instagram.com/castaldiartist

COYA is based at the Four Seasons at The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi.

Telephone: +971 02 306 7000
Website: http://www.coyarestaurant.com
Email: reservations.ad@coyarestaurant.ae

Contact: Cosmopole Consultancy/  Asha@cosmopole.com / +971 55 979 3814

“Remembrance” showcasing 20 renowned Artists at Studio Seven Art Gallery


20 Celebrated Pakistani Artists to exhibit at Studio Seven Dubai from 23rd till 30th of November 2019

Studio Seven Art Gallery in Dubai will be opening its doors to an exquisite group Art Exhibition “Remembrance”; curated by Iftikhar Chohan the exhibit will showcase artworks and sculptures from 20 notable Pakistani Artists, the show opens on 23rd and will run till 30th of November 2019.


“Studio Seven Art Gallery is a safe haven for Artists, we like to support and nurture artisans; we have been very fortunate to represent some of the most talented artists from the subcontinent; our aim is to continuously create platforms to offer opportunities to Artists. The upcoming show “Remembrance” is a celebration of our commitment to always seeking artists purely based on the merit of their work and we are very proud to host them for our Dubai art collectors and enthusiasts!” says Jamal Firozy – Director of Studio Seven Dubai


The exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday 23rd of November at the Studio Seven Gallery based in Business Bay, Oxford tower, 803. The show will be proudly representing the artworks of Pakistan’s most sought after Artists, which include Mehar Afroze, Naheed Raza, Sadaf RM Naeem, Noor Jehan Bilgirami, Donia Kaiser, Hamida Khatri, Hussain Chandio, Ali Hammad, Ali Saad, Waseem Siddiq, Waseem Ahmed, Naveed Sadiq, Nadir Jamali, Munawar Ali Sayed, Nazia Gul and Suleiman Aqeel Khilji.


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Fashionably sustainable revival of “Juttis” for the 21st Century


4x6 Flyer - front.jpgOne432 brings the 400year old handcrafted “Jutti” (Shoes) back in to the Fashion Forefront

ONE432 was established 3 years ago by founders Ammar Belal, a Professor of Fashion at Parsons School of Design, NYC; Faisal Khan, a strategy consultant who has helped several companies scale and enter new markets and Umar Belal, currently enrolled in the Fashion & Luxury MBA at NYU Stern. The ONE432 philosophy advocates for supporting the counter narrative within every stereotype. The ONE432 “Equal Share” Concept was born out of Ammar Belal’s graduate thesis collection at Parsons; which debuted at New York Fashion Week 2014.


“My vision was to revive the 400yr old craftsmanship of handmade “Juttis” (Shoes) and bring it back in to mainstream fashion, which would be ethical and sustainable; the whole process took around 3years to fully develop and take form and now we handloom and weave our own textile from creatively upcycling, reusing and sourcing waste materials this has translated into a core strength in our lean manufacturing system. In a traditionally male dominated global cobbling industry, we are extremely proud of our majority female workforce that has been trained from scratch through our in house program. Also to remain true to our philosophy of giving back to the community, we revolutionize the standard of transparency equality and responsibility within the social impact fashion sector, through an online tracking system that matches every dollar earned with a dollar donated in real time for every transaction.” says Ammar Belal


The company truly champions equality: by giving away half of the profits to support education, each shoe sponsors a child’s primary education in 3 different schools in Pakistan. In order to remain transparent and socially responsible, the company designed a custom built Donations Tracker in 2017, which enables buyers to track every dollar spent on the “Juttis”. During these extremely divisive times, the No Left, No Right shoe is the perfect metaphor that embodies ONE432’s philosophy of thinking beyond the Binary and celebrating empathy. It seemed fitting that ONE432 redefines what equality means in a corporate setting, as it’s flagship product embodies the design equivalent of equality – symmetry.

Ammar Belal Profile.jpg

Ammar Belal adds why Dubai is the next destination for ONE432; “We view ONE432 as a platform that challenges the accepted standard of transparency in each transaction within the fashion world. Dubai, along with being a melting pot of diverse cultures, also sits between our Artisan & Impact hub in Pakistan and our initial market in the US. It is quickly embracing several sustainable practices and has a vibrant South Asian diaspora. Moreover, the Middle Eastern Luxury consumer has a distinct vocabulary of many traditional versions of a symmetrical slipper in its classical form. We feel that our modern interpretation of this widely celebrated design would resonate extremely strongly within this culture.”


Currently ONE432 is available online on www.one432.com; it’s retailing at Jussara Lee, a sustainable luxury fashion store in New York City, Carleen Ligozio in Palm Beach Dec 2019, Easthampton S2020 and making its way to Canada & UAE.


Further details on ONE432:






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Sustainable Art Exhibition – “a true renaissance of trash!”


Sustainable Art Exhibition is a collaborative show by contemporary artists Beena Samuel and Diyali Bhalla, exploring the idea of mindful consumption, promoting conscious and sustainable living practices by using pre-used materials to create intriguing forms from paper, plastic, cardboard, wood, fabric, metal wire.  Their works are at once feminine and yet also strong, offering a striking balance between hard and soft material. The exhibition will open on 16th of November at Gallery 76 in Dubai International Art Centre.


Diyali Bhalla says, “The objective of this thought provoking collaborative exhibition is to consider the environmental effects of mass production, commercialism, and consumerism. We are on a mission to be part of the change – to reduce, re-use, upcycle”.  

Beena Wilson Samuel US Visa 2019.jpg
“Our art aims to evoke a beautiful balance between strong and soft textures. The works are organic and in a state of constant evolution to symbolize the constant change in the environment and how humans are always a constant part of that!” adds Beena Samuel

The exhibition is set to showcase a mix of artworks like Collage, Tapestry, Sculptural Wall Mounted Pieces and Woven Wall installations, their material journeys are all works in progress, cutting and pieced together, constantly evolving to create one collective tapestry. They become powerful visual metaphors that tackle topics of renewal, upcycling and our fragile earth.

Sustainable Art exhibition is open to public and art lovers alike, opening of the exhibition on 16th November till the 23rd of November 2019 at Gallery76, Dubai International Art Centre, Jumeira.

Interestingly there are interactive pieces included in the show, which can be worked on by the viewers during the opening and all throughout the weeklong show, creating an immersive experience for the UAE community in this ‘Year of Tolerance’.

About DIAC:

The Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) is a non profit organization offering an integral environment for artistic expression. It is committed to culturally and creatively enrich the local community by developing, stimulating, nurturing, encouraging and promoting artists, enthusiasts and art.

DIAC is owned by the members and managed by a board of directors. It is the premiere center for arts education in Dubai, offering the community over 80 different art courses and workshops, language courses, and gallery exhibitions. DIAC was founded in 1976 by the initiative of a few artists and art enthusiasts residing in Dubai. Today membership stands at over 1,100 from 67 different nationalities and growing.

DIAC’s primary goals are to promote arts in the GCC and Middle Eastern region by exhibiting artists” work, offering a range of professionally taught courses year round, and giving teaching opportunities for qualified professional artists. We are one of the main resources for the public to learn about arts in this region, from local gallery exhibitions, to courses, museums shows and more. Additionally we offer guided tours with curators of galleries and museums, lectures and special workshops.



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Book Launch of “Whip It!” a guide to getting sassy & skilled in the kitchen by Delna Prakashan

Book Launch Invite.jpegThe book launch and signing of “Whip It!” is on Monday 18th of November at One Life Kitchen & Café at Dubai Design District

One Life Kitchen & Café in Dubai Design District will be hosting an exclusive Book Launch & Book Signing of Delna Prakashan’s cook book “Whip It!” on Monday 18th of November from 7:30pm till 9:30pm.

Whip It! is published by the Dream Work Collective and is the debut cookbook of a talented and creative Dubai- born Indian Author Delna Prakashan. It’s ‘sassy’ and light-hearted in its approach and is a refreshing approach to cooking with plenty of non-food tips on making time spent in the kitchen as fun as possible.

Delna Prakashan_Author_Whip it_2.jpg

Delna Prakashan explains, Whilst we’re all busy trying to change the world, self-care can take a back seat; being able to cook for yourself is a simple and fun way to remedy this. Whip It! is for the Millennial and Gen-Zeders who’ve got their lives sorted, are gliding their way up the corporate ladder or running brilliant start- ups Angel investors are falling over themselves to back. They’re not neglecting their social lives either, but there is one thing that has been neglected: self-care and cooking and that’s where “Whip It!” comes in to the rescue!”

Whip It! is packed with easy recipes, with tips on everything from cooking the perfect steak to understanding different types of mushrooms and it’s not all about food – Whip It! is a lifestyle book too, and is full of non-food tips and ideas on how to unwind and self care.

“Whip It”- Book launch & Signing:

Date: Monday, 18th November 2019

Venue: One Life Kitchen and Cafe, Dubai Design District

Time: 8:00pm event begins

Entry: FREE – Open to the Public

RSVP here: https://whipitbooklaunchevent.eventbrite.com/

Delna Prakashan_Author Whip it_1.jpg


Delna Prakashan studied hospitality and cooking in both Dubai and Europe, before moving to a corporate career in communications. Her love of food has remained an abiding passion, and she enjoys nothing more than teaching kitchen-phobic friends a few easy and tasty recipes that will give them a real sense of kitchen mastery. Of Indian origin and Dubai-born, Delna travels the world regularly, soaking up local cuisines and getting inspiration wherever she goes.

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